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MultiChannel Spectrometer

Simultaneously reading the spectre from multiple input channels. These cost effective optics are highly sensitive, incredibly robust and designed without any moving parts.

High Power Thermal System

Whether you want to heat, cool or maintain a constant temperature, this system can do it all with precision, uniformity and efficiency.


Data Analysis Algorithms

IT-IS has experience in intelligent analysis of noisy and incomplete data to yield accurate analysis results. We specialise in working with clients to model underlying physical, chemical and biological processes to yield more robust and sensitive detection of key parameters.

Graphical User Interfaces

IT-IS has produced a variety of rich user interfaces for scientific instruments and analytical processes, to enable intuitive interaction with complex data and experimental settings. These are designed to be user friendly and increase productivity via consistent clear design.



PCR Analysis Algorithms

IT-IS has applied its analysis techniques to both real-time PCR amplification quantification and calling, and PCR melt analysis. Our techniques identify and correct for PCR features such as dye response, baseline offset and drift, efficiency, etc. to yield accurate reproducible results, and to identify potential problem samples.

Mass Spectrometry Analysis

IT-IS has produced spectral analysis algorithms and software for a novel use of Mass Spectrometry in the DNA analysis field, offering improved sensitivity and assay complexity.


DTI Grant

IT-IS has recently been awarded a Research and Development Grant by the Department of Trade and Industry to produce a prototype novel DNA analysis instrument. Out of 76 applicants across the Yorkshire and Humberside regions only 11 were successful and IT-IS were the only business in North Yorkshire to be awarded the grant.

Business Accelerator Network (BAN)

BAN is designed to deliver specific tailored support to high growth new businesses in York and North Yorkshire, IT-IS joined the network in August 2005.



The LightCycler 1536 Multiwell Plate is the first high-density PCR plate for real-time PCR applications. By using Thermaxis technology, this unique multiwell plate, which we developed, enables unsurpassed thermal performance in miniaturized reaction volumes of only 0.5 – 2 µL.

Thermaxis® technology comprises composite layers of two custom-blended polymers for superior thermal accuracy, speed and uniformity. The heat-conducting lower layer is precision molded to fit precisely the unique v-groove of the mount of the LightCycler® 1536 thermal block cycler, thermally coupling the block to the liquid volume. The upper layer heat barrier isolates the heated lid from the liquid volume for stabilized heating, minimizing inconsistencies.


  • Benefit from at least 50% cost reduction per result due to setup miniaturization
  • Profit from the reduction in inter-assay errors due to 4-fold increase in sample number per plate (compared to a 384-well plate)
  • Enjoy highest PCR layout flexibility using the customizable plated-based format